League of Legends: Wild Rift is coming to mobile, test begins

2020-06-12|by : GameLoop
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League of Legends (abbreviated as LOL) is a MOBA competitive online game developed by Riot Games and operated by Tencent in mainland China. There are hundreds of personalized heroes in the game, as well as a ranking system, a rune system and other characteristic development systems.


Recently, League of Legends: Wild Rift launched a small-scale technical test for Android players in Brazil and the Philippines. Riot Games randomly selected players pre-registered in Google stores in Brazil and the Philippines, and then issued invitations via email.

In the various test videos that have flowed out recently, it can see that although League of Legends: Wild Rift is not a direct transplant version of the League of Legends, it basically retains the core gameplay of LOL. Maps, hero attributes, and summoner skills are basically the same as client game. Loading page is also familiar to all the LOL players.

The hero's modeling and skin have also been redesigned. Skin effects are not only cooler than the king, but also have no extra bonuses, which greatly improves the fairness of the competition.

During the game, equipment can only be purchased after returning to the city or dying. This is the same as the LOL. In addition, the game removes the settings of the nexus turret and inhib, which make the economic growth and equipment molding speed have improved a little. The rhythm is faster than "League of Legends" and slightly slower than "Glory of the King".

The operation takes into account both new and old players, it is much easier to get started than the LOL.

Through the content of the test service disclosed on the Internet, the expectations of the game are greatly improved, and more possibilities are brought to us.