[Standoff 2]All the things you need to know before play Standoff 2, unlimited gold and coins, tips and guides

2020-07-21|by : GameLoop
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Standoff 2 is a gun battle game with terrorists and special forces as the themes. It’s also similar to the classic standoff game Counter Strike cs. Standoff 2 have lot of various maps and a wealth of weapons, allowing you to experience the most exciting first-person shooter game.


Before you play the game, here is the guides and tips that you need to know.

Sniper rifle basic settings

The operation mode of Standoff 2 is the common dual-touch joystick. The left joystick is responsible for moving, and the right joystick is responsible for rotating the angle of view. It is recommended to set the joystick to the floating area and shoot the selection button + area. At the same time, in order to ensure the survival rate on the battlefield, it is recommended to change the jump to a fixed button instead of double-clicking the screen, and the shooting sensitivity is pulled to between 1.15 and 1.3.

Be safe

Most sniper rifles are in single-shot firing mode, that is, after firing once, you need to wait for a while before outputting again. Due to the long reloading time of the sniper rifle, try to click the firearm icon in a safe location to replenish the ammunition.

Actual combat drill

The best practice mode is team deathmatch mode, it offers quickly resurrected even after death. Generally, the qualified sniper point should be selected in a location with a wide view and sufficient obstacles, such as tall buildings and stairs, so that most areas of the battlefield can be observed after the lens is opened.

Unlimited gold and coins

Gold and coins are one of the basic currencies in Standoff 2, and now let’s see how to gain more gold coins.

  1. Direct recharge and purchase can get a lot of gold coins in a short time. The method is also very simple. After entering the game, open the gold coin icon in the upper right corner of the main interface and select any gear to buy. Moreover, one thing to note about recharge: the more gold coins a player buys in a single time, the higher the price discount they will receive.
  2. Silver coins can buy lower quality treasure chests, once players combine 10 low-quality weapon skins into 1, then you can get high-quality skin in the backpack, sell them in the market to get gold coins.


The above are the tips and guides about Standoff 2.

More game and information can be found on the official GameLoop website.

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