Guns of glory: Empires conquer is a war strategy mobile game combining MMO and RPG elements, create by FUNPLUS. Players can collaborate with friends from all over the world and build a powerful army together to defeat the enemy.
The Cardinal has taken over the palace and wants to be the king of the palace, once him succeeds, the whole country will be fall, this country needs your help before he takes over the crown of palace. As the one of the king’s musketeers, with other three famous Musketeers, slaughter fierce beasts, make powerful allies, and destroy enemies in the battle to save the country!
Download and play Guns of Glory with GameLoop, players could play this strategy game on their computer, namely it is much easier for them to generate exclusive strategy in the game, competing with enemies, becoming the winner eventually. Additionally, the support of mouse and keyboard ensures players obtain the REAL gaming experience on PC.