Tales of Demons and God is a world of Demon Spirits. Within such an epic RPG game, players could train their demon spirit, awaken avatar, protect the roles they love in the game. Players need to organize their teams in this game, which accommodates up to 6 characters placed with 6 distinctive professions, hence, the rule is using the right combination to play the best team effect.
Like other RPG games, the graphic view and resolution of "Tales of Demons and God" are crucial for all players. Based on the features of the role-playing game, GameLoop ensures the fantastic gameplay experience of this game by providing the following benefits:
* Ultimate Graphic and Vision, Exclusive Support of 2K Resolution. With the highest requirement of the graphic design and resolution demand, GameLoop ensures players obtain the super detailed features of the role they choose in "Tales of Demons and God", such as the design of characters, massive amazing battle scenes, hence, players could be absorbed into the game design.
* Multi Screens, Multi Times Fun of Gameplaying. Similar to traditional role-playing games, Tales of Demons and God" also need to keep a long login period to collect extra rewards and level up rapidly. Hence, the exclusive function of the multi-screen of GameLoop ensures players could open distinctive applications at the same time without any disturb. For instance, you can play Tales of Demons and God, watching your favorite movie on PC concurrently.
* Social Accounts Login In. You might want to share and show off the roles you obtained in "Tales of Demons and God" with your friends. Do not worry, GameLoop provides a convenience social approach for you. You can simply interact with your friends via login in with your Google or Facebook account directly.