King of Avalon is an epic and popular strategy game based on the background of the story of King Arthur in medieval England. Players in the game need to prepare with their armors and weapons, collecting their teams and army, training own dragons as a powerful weapon, joining a multiplayer alliance with GvE Barbarian or PvP bully, attacking against enemies for free on PC.
Although “King of Avalon” is a strategy game, the game design is based on the legend of "King Arthur" and the "Knights of the Round Table", which need a high requirement of the screen revolution of the equipment. Thus, playing this game on GameLoop would bring you the following benefits:
* Ultimate Graphic and Vision, Exclusive Support of 2K Resolution. In order to convey fantastic graphic game design and restore the real war battle scene, the exclusive 2K resolution setting of GameLoop ensure players could notice the historical fighting scenes of the game, and more clearly see the game's character settings, including dragons, weapons, buildings and so on.
* Lower Equipment Requirement, Min. 2GB RAM. Comparing with playing "King of Avalon" on the smartphone, you could notice that you can keep a long gameplay duration when you play it on PC. Especially, GameLoop reduces your concern about the limited charged period of your equipment, which ensures you play this strategy game in a stable environment without any disturb.
* Social Accounts Login In. Importantly, "King of Avalon" needs to alliance with multiple players, you can easily use your Google and Facebook account to connect your friends in the game directly and chat with them, plus you could obtain valuable strategic guides on GameLoop via watching Game Live Streams so that improve your gameplay skills.