Granny: Chapter Two

Granny: Chapter Two is a horror decryption adventure game developed by DVloper. This is the latest sequel to Granny. In this game, grandma becomes more terrifying and the gameplay is more abundant. You need to escape from here!
Players must explore and adventure in the extremely scary secret room, collect more clues and props to unlock the secrets, find the exit and route to escape, and be careful of the hunting of the scary grandma! Do you dare to challenge? Survive under the hands of the terrifying grandma!
Grandma and grandpa give you five days in the house. If you fail to escape after the last day... well, maybe you can figure out what will happen next. And Good luck.
Download Granny: Chapter Two and enjoy this exciting horror adventure on PC with GameLoop. makes you can see the game’s scene more clearly, giving you the feeling of being immersive, and more intimate contact with the grandma and grandpa.