World of Kings is a Western magic 3D MMORPG mobile game. The game creates a grand world for players, comparable to the exquisite production of World of Warcraft. Players fight together with each other who is from all over the world. You can be the king of the beasts here! Top magical picture, 360 degrees of free flight, six races, guild city-states, large cross-services battlefields, passion camps to fight, to recover the glory of the past!
The horrible black dragon has plunged the world into despair, and you, the only savior, can you lead the masses to rekindle hope?
Play World of Kings on GameLoop could bring you an immersive experience with such epic and amazing landscapes of the new land, eventually, players could get involved in the environment and the whole game setting. also, with the support of advanced and faster engine support, you could notice a flexible and fluence operation of World of kings on GameLoop.