Tân Thiên Lông Mobile

Tân Thiên Lông Mobile is a MMORPG mobile game adapted from the classic endgame and licensed by Jin Yong ’s novel of the same name. The original team of Online version created it, perfectly inheriting the core features and classic gameplay. The game uses the unity5 engine to create a real 3D visual feast.
A role-playing game with a martial arts theme. Classic restores end game elements. The game perfectly recreates the plot of the novel, the scenes are all exquisite and Chinese style, the game and the real ganghood perfectly blend, you can enjoy the world of ganghood.
Play Tân Thiên Lông Mobile on GameLoop could bring you an immersive experience with such epic and amazing landscapes of the new land, eventually, players could get involved in the environment and the whole game setting. also, with the support of advanced and faster engine support, you could notice a flexible and fluence operation of Tân Thiên Lông Mobile on GameLoop.