Black Desert Mobile is a popular and fresh massively multiplayer online role-playing game with a customization system for players. "Black Desert Mobile" is adapted based on the online game of the same name, transplanting the PC version of the game screen and rich game content, and adding exciting actions and all kinds of interesting content.
Since this MMORPG game established on the medieval European-style background, the requirements of graphic resolution and the appearance design of games are relatively higher than others. Especially, download the apk and play "Black Desert Mobile" on PC with GameLoop conveys more incredible experience of this game with the following benefits:
* Ultimate Graphic and Vision, Exclusive Support of 2K Resolution. Since "Black Desert Mobile" established in a huge unreal world, along with exploring an ancient civilization product (Blackstone), which demands the equipment to provide HD picture and character settings for massive players. Basically, GameLoop ensures the restoration of the amazing graphic design of "Black Desert Mobile" with 2K resolution. Thus, it is easier for players to notices the Blackstone. plus, it is much easier for players to design their customized characters.
* Fast and Accurate Controller With Mouse and Keyboard. Although "Black Desert Mobile" is an MMORPG game, it still requires the flexible keymapping control in the fighting process. Accordingly, the exclusive engine of GameLoop, Two-Engine support, which boosts the speed of screen loading, thus players will not be disturbed by game lagging and stuck. Moreover, GameLoop supports players to customize keymapping design, optimizing the PC engine to adapt the control habits of keyboard and mouse.